Yarn Specification

Yarn occurs in the following forms: (1) a number of fibers twisted together (spun yarn); (2) a number of filaments laid together without twist (a zero-twist yarn);


Quality Assurance

It is important to maintain a level of quality for every industry or business to get increased sales and better name amongst consumers


We Strive
To Meet Your Everyday
Textile Needs

Lucky Groups Textiles success lies in our unique product ranges such as pick & pick, fil-a-fil, chambrays, amongst others like the most demanded polyester-cotton ranges. We supply premium quality shirting fabrics to leading brands and companies, wholesalers, exporters, uniform-fabric makers and India based Multinational corporations.

We have wide array of options with quality ranging from cotton, viscose, polyester, linen, polyester-cotton, polyester-viscose and cotton-linen amongst other blended varieties.

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